I suffer from Chronic Pain, I do a lot of  reading about it. Trying to find the best newest help for me.

One common theme I find with people who suffer with chronic pain  is sleep disturbance.

I often have this lonely and frightening feeling of being the only one in the entire house awake at whatever ungodly hour of the morning it might be.

At the site How to Cope With Pain, published by a board-certified psychiatrist with extensive experience helping patients with chronic pain, there’s a whole page of links to helpful posts to assist you in getting that much needed and all-too-elusive good night’s sleep.

I have my own little rituals for getting to sleep, of course, as we all do after any length of time spent living with these conditions. Mine include a nightly ritual of winding down starting about 1/2 hour before bedtime. Then I take 2 acetaminophen a meletonin, and crawl under the covers. I lay on my back and cross my fingers that I stay asleep.

What do you do to help yourself sleep at night?
Have you tried medication?