Have you ever noticed that Facebook can cause so much DRAMA between friends and loved ones?

I’m Facebook a fan, I love the connections I have made through Facebook. Not to mention the people from my past I have reconnected with.  I have noticed Facebook is the root of a lot of problems. People sometimes read so much into your Status on Facebook.. or don't read enough.
Then there is all the false information that is passed to those gullible enough to believe it. 

Then comes the gossip and once again DRAMA!

In a conversation with a friend of mine earlier this week and we talked about how because the popularity of social networks it seems there are so many  more arguments. People stalking someones page, causing arguments between friends. 

I knew a couple who were dating, then broke up and decided to sling insults over a mutual friends status. Not only was I shocked, but I thought it was upsetting, not to mention how uncomfortable the third party must have felt. 
Yes Facebook allows us to know more about people, but taking private issues on to someone else’s status is definitely an no no. 

Very recently I unfriended a whole group of people, several were hurt and asked to return as my friend. 
Then there were the ones who did not/have not noticed. I am sure they are the ones that have me on "HIDE".

I was told by one friend there was to much drama going on in my life and I was too negative for them. SO I WAS UNFRIENDED
I now have decided, there are only a few people I will allow in my circle of Facebook friends. 
The people who say,  I have drama and can't handle it.. oh well maybe you were not a real friend anyway. 

Here’s another example of "bad facebooking" 
I asked Jasmine if she would go to lunch with me and another friend.WELL, she makes an excuse “I uhh I umm I have bible study”. . I respond “that’s OK we will go anyway.” Only days later to see Abbey has tagged her on her Cafe'Rio at lunch pictures, which was the same day I asked her to go we me.. 
This leading to drama between friends. I could go on and on but quite frankly I think you get the picture. 

So maybe by the end of this month I will deactivate my Facebook account for a while..
Maybe someday this will all blow over.