Edit made after writing this post. This post sat DRAFT mode for days unfinished .
 Then while Reading CJANE'S blog I came across This one,
It has made me think about how grateful I am for my husband and our life together. 
 I decided it was time to finish up writing this one. 

WOW ! We been married for over 30 years. ( actually closer to 35.)

Grumpy and I have been married almost 34 years, and every day that I get up in the morning 
I am so glad that my husband is who he is. There have been good and bad times. Life has not always been easy – OH YES, we disagreed plenty of times over the years, but we have always been committed to talking through the issues that come up, whether it is financial or something more personal.

In marriage there are challenges. It is easy to stay together when things are going well,
   but what about those hard times? 
Do you stay or do you leave? 
I do understand that there are times when marriages just don't work, and it is necessary to leave.
But marriage is hard work and I think some just give up to easily. 

I believe that if you want your marriage to work, you also need to be realistic. People always seem to want things to be perfect and they just aren't. 
This is real life. 
Things happen. But what makes a marriage work through difficult times? 
   Commitment to love one another no matter what!

From the very beginning you both must have a common goal to stay together through the good and the bad.

Through the years, we have seen some friends with marital difficulties and it breaks my heart to see what they go through. Selfishness is something that I have seen as a common denominator. Selfishness doesn't work in any relationship, married or not; it has no part of love or commitment. 

It is our love for one another, our devotion, and dedication that keeps us together. I am still in love with Grumpy and each day that we are alive I am so grateful to be together. We see ourselves as soul mates best friends. 

Each and every day I am as excited to be with him as he is with me. (oops I hope I can speak for him..

Now on to the day, Thursday is our DATE day. 
 I look forward to lunch every Thursday with him.
now to decide where to go...