It's sad, so sad
It's a sad, sad situation
And it's getting more and more absurd
It's sad, so sad
Why can't we talk it over
Oh it seems to me
That sorry seems to be the hardest word

It is one of the shortest sentences in the English language, but it is one of the most difficult to let out of your mouth. Most of us really hate saying it. Some people might go throughout their entire lives without saying it to anyone. 

Then again, these people probably don’t have many close friends. We all need to hear and say this one powerful sentence.

I am sorry.

It is funny to watch the lengths that some go in order to NOT say 

“i'm sorry”. 

Humility is required when we give an apology. It might break our spirit and it hurt our pride,
when we have to admit out loud that we were wrong.

I know MANY that hate being wrong. 

I am sure they think "I am never wrong".  

Remember that saying that tells us "action speaks louder than words", 
I agree. generally. 

when it comes to broken relationships and torn friendships, there is nothing more powerful than one sentence. 

A genuine “I’m sorry” has the compassion in it to heal a shattered relationship

When it is someone that you deeply care about locking the door and forever removing you from their lives… 
They want to hear one small sentence and nothing else.