......I LOVE my Kindle and use it much more than I thought I would. 

The device is light and slips into any purse. It goes every where with me 

I was not prepared for how many opinions I would receive from friends when I got it. . 

some of the comments:

“Why didn’t you just get an Ipad? All you can do is read on the Kindle, right?” 
   (I got it to read not get on the internet.)

“You will hate it I prefer the Nook/Sony, etc... 
   (OK well that's your opinion I like my Kindle)

"The Kindle will be obsolete within a year.”
   (no I don't think so.. )

If anyone is considering buying a Kindle, I recommend thinking about how often you read books and magazines.

If you aren’t a reader, the Kindle won’t make you one.

One of the best reasons for owning a Kindle is that I have read so many books I wouldn't have considered before. I have downloaded so many free books, A lot of them classics I have not read, or haven't read in years.

I did get the WiFi/3G version so I can connect to the internet anywhere. 
Makes buying books and keeping in touch via Facebook or Email great! 

The 3G is free. 

I can use my Audible books on Kindle also.

I ordered a nice case with a light for night time reading. The battery last forever I charge mine every couple of weeks, (because I use the light so much). 

I was just doing a little book shopping, and decided to tell you all about my love of this little wonder!..

I am not being compensated in any way for my opinion.