I have not had a Soda in a long time. I love Pepsi. When I went to the store yesterday I saw that Fry's now sells SODA cups at the registers with the fountain by the exit doors. (they have Icee's also)

It tempted me, 

and I did partake in a
large bubbly icy Pepsi,

Today I woke up feeling like I have a sugar hangover!!! UGH!! 

I also have a piercing headache. Sugar overload. (I am sure.) 

The health industry constantly blames soda for many of society’s problems such as diabetes, obesity, tooth decay and hyperactivity. Yet so many people relish in its presence as they down bottle after bottle. 

I know there was a reason I stopped drinking it...

Oh yeah. ...

Diabetes,not saying Soda was the cause of  my Type 2 Diabetes, 
but it was the reason I stopped drinking it.