This is a private party! A Pity Party!

I have had a hard six months dealing with health issues.
Because of that I have been feeling sorry for myself .
I really decided I need to retrain my brain not to think so negatively.
I made a pact with myself that I would not allow myself to indulge the negative thoughts any more. 
However, when self-pity persisted, I had to seek other means.

I Choose Gratitude - This is a direct attack on self pity: you cannot feel both grateful and sorry for yourself at the same time. The two  feelings are completely incompatible.                                   Gratitude is the way out of misery and self-absorption. I had to force myself to write a list of everything I am grateful for. The first time I tried to list at least 50 things. I didn't have a hard time with that. Getting it all down in writing can work wonders. It is amazing!
Remember to sit down and make a list every week.  Write out each thing that you are grateful for in your life. This method is tried and tested…very therapeutic.
I won't allow myself to engage in the destructive trap of self-pity anymore.  I need to Stay aware of when I start to slip into the pity mode  
And Choose Gratitude
I am very grateful for these people!