Have you really taken the time to think and prepare for the unexpected?  
How well are you prepared to take care of yourself?”  Just keeping things as simple as we can and being prepared for the little things can make our lives a lot less stressful, don’t you think? As human beings we want to meet life’s challenges with our BEST thinking and preparation.  

As we do this we move forward from simple to better, and negative to positive thinking. This enables us to be our best self and seek out the best in others. 

So again why not prepare so that when our brain may be a little weary we can let it rest a bit and feel the comfort of knowing that we are prepared to take care of ourselves.

More and more people are living on their own. Some may not have near by relatives or friends that can be there for them on a minutes notice.  

Some times we may just need to prepare small things for ourselves in order to manage on our own in an emergency. 

  • Do you have a full bottle of an over the counter pain reliever in your medicine cabinet at all times?

  • Do you have a small first aid kit available

  • Do you have a list of your medications written down with the dosages in case you have to go to the Dr. or a hospital?

  • Do you have your insurance cards in a place where you can find them easily?

  • Do you know what your insurance co-pay is?

  • Do you have an advanced directive written which is also called a living will in case you are unable to speak for yourself?

  • Do you have a list of phone numbers written down in case your cell phone has lost its charge and your numbers are in it?  This will include your Dr.,relatives, hospital, employer, fire dept, police and etc.

  • Do you keep enough gasoline in your tank in case you have to leave your home quickly and do not have the time to stop to fill your tank?

  • If you have a pet is there enough pet food in your home to feed that pet for a few days?

  • If you have a neighbor that you feel comfortable enough with, have you asked for their phone number and written it down in case of an emergency? Or leave a spare key to your home with

  • If you wear glasses do you have a set of readers or a spare set of regular glasses somewhere in case yours break?  

  • Do you have candles for a power outage? 

  • When the electricity goes out and there is no television but there is light, do you have some fun magazines, books, and etc. to keep yourself entertained until the power has been restored?

  • Have you ever put off doing the laundry until there is no more clean underwear?  What if you get sick and need a clean pair

  • Do you have new batteries in the flashlight by your night stand?  A flashlight will do no good if the batteries do not work you know.

  • Do you always have enough toilet paper on hand or do you get down to your last roll?
This may seem a odd list of things, but think about it...  really.

(my bullets went crazy and I can't get them to work right.. Oh Well!!.