EDITED: JUNE 10 2010

Mother is having a Plasmapheresis Treatment. She is also starting a Chemo drug Cytoxan to "hopefully" help her kidneys. No idea how much longer she will be in the hospital. Thanks everyone for your continued prayers..

In the past 2 weeks my Mothers condition has gone from bad to worse to bad.. to worse again

It has not been a good time for our family. 

This all started with my grandmothers Death on the 23 of May.  

During the early morning hours of 

May 24 My mother got up to use the bathroom and as she was in the bathroom she fell..

She was bleeding badly and was unresponsive when my father found her a few minutes after she fell, He called   911 and My little Sister Kellie.

Mom was admitted to McKay Dee hospital in Ogden Utah that morning from the emergency room,in very serious condition.. 
By then end of the day she was responding to people but couldn't really communicate verbally .. 
It took a couple of days and 15 stitches for her head to begin to feel better.. 
They did some testing and found out her potassium levels were critically low and she was severely anemic.
It was decided maybe she had a brain bleed. (from the fall). Maybe that was where she was losing blood.. CT Scan showed no head bleeding.. SO they did some other testing. Among those things did a colonoscopy, and found something unusual going on in her colon, tested what they found there and found some bacteria in her that didn't belong.

E coli.. 

NO idea where or when she picked that up.. they treated her for that right away .. When she seemed well enough but weak they sent her to the rehab ward of the hospital to get her in shape to send home, Where she promptly came down with pneumonia..

 NOW there is some thing going on with her kidneys. They 

have done a biopsy because the ultrasound showed nothing..............

They have moved her back to the regular part of the hospital.

They will keep her there Until she is well enough to leave and then probably transfer her to a Rehabilitation Care Center until she is strong enough to go home under my Dads care.

any extra prayers good thoughts or wishes any of you have laying around
for my family during this time would be greatly appreciated.