I am trying to regain control over my life I feel 
I have lost it.. 
so this has been my outlet of late..

It isn't a good thing to wake up one day and reality hit you.. 

Someone else is at the Wheel..
and YOU don't like the person in charge. 

regaining control

These are some places where I have started..

Continual prayer. I need to know I am not alone in my new endeavors to change

Review my goals weekly to determine  progress. When I complete goals I will  set new goals at a higher level.

Keep a journal of my daily activities. Notice what precedes a decline in control. Try to avoid these  things if possible. Increase activities that make ME happy.

Practice positive self-talk techniques. Instead of thinking,"I'm already late, so there's no point in trying anymore." think, "This is late, but I'm getting it done and following through with a commitment."

Slow my response time by taking several deep, cleansing breaths before reacting. I am an OVER reactor..
I need to take a step back.. in this area

Find an outlet for stress. I am also, considering stress-reducing activities, such as yoga.

Start meditation every day. I had been doing this at one point my sister started me 
with some meditation books, and Cd's and now I have decided It is paramount in 
my mental health.

Reading the books I know bring me peace. 

If you have any Ideas for more control in your lives that might help me. 
let me know!