Stress is the most common and most destructive emotion we all experience. Although we will never eliminate stress completely, we can find stress-reducing tactics.
  1. Exercise! Find an activity that you enjoy and release stress by working out and increasing your heart rate.
  2. Eat calming foods. Eliminate stimulants like caffeine and sugar; these foods can cause anxiety and put extra stress on the body.
  3. Laugh more and laugh often. Laughter is known to reduce stress and improve any situation.
  4. Try to have gratitude everyday. Appreciate and recognise the positives in your life.
  5. Play with children! Kids always bring such a spark to life and remind us to not sweat the small stuff.
  6. Take a relaxing bath. The warm water and quiet atmosphere is sure to cheer us up and make us more relaxed.
  7. Get a message. Tight, sore muscles can make our bodies tense and cause our mind to feel strained.
  8. Write down your thoughts. Getting your thoughts off your mind and onto paper is a huge release. Writing helps us work situations out and helps us think clearer.
  9. Talk to someone you trust. Venting to those who care about you releases all those over-whelming emotions from your body, creating a more relaxed feeling.
  10. Do something fun! Take time to play. We all need something fun and exciting to contrast all the responsibilities we have. You are never to old to go out and play!
  11. Pray and pray often. 
Stress affects our emotional and physical self. It is not about eliminating stress that creates a peaceful life, it is about how you deal with stress amongst the chaos. Everyone can learn to handle stress better, so try one of the suggestions listed above and create more peace in your life.
What are your stress-reducing tactics?