Last weekend My son and his family went to a friends Cabin In Flagstaff.. Well they
had a blast I posted a few pictures of them

Ian is now 9 he is getting so old.. I love it because he now crushes on girls he gets so embarrassed when you ask him about a girl.. he has a great group of friends a boy couldn't be luckier! OH and also he he is so smart.. he is my buddy!

Alene aka Sissy is 7 She is starting to lose that little "girlness"... She is acting older..She has a gaping hole in her mouth where that front tooth used to be.
I adore her. She will always be my Sissy.. even when she is a mom.

Ashely she will be 6 in Febuary, she finally has 2 loose theeth! OH my she is excited..
you would think she is the last child on earth to have a loose tooth. She is starting to read and reads every package in the kitchen with/to me. She is my shadow.. I love having a shadow. especially her..

There is also picture of my Son Jeremy.. he is my pride. That is a Wonderful picture.

There was not a picture of the Mom,  Jenn in the snow. Oh be assured she was in the snow
just avoiding the camera..!!.lol..There could be no better mom for my grandbabies if I had picked a mom for them i would have picked her...and the best wife for my boy..

So blogging about the sledding trip turns to a tribute to my favorite family of 5!!
Love you kids.

Ashley                                                                       Alene