Hello from warm sunny Arizona,!
i had all the doors and windows open today while i cleaned..beautiful 74 degrees here.

I got a bunch done, Cleaned the refrigerator and freezer. along with the regular mop vacuum etc.

cleaned off the sidewalk out front.. oh the birds just love it here..
they are such poopers!! we have bird poop everywhere!

Sarah is leaving for Northern Ireland on the 30th for a month.. it was going to be so nice just Fred and i for a month.. well his mom is coming the same time Sarah is leaving.. And guess what she is staying a month!! lol because of this i have been trying to get the insides of everything clean again it was all so clean and organized before the holidays.

I am going to do a big shopping this week also.. so i want to get the pantry all cleaned and organized so i can make a detailed list.

Sarah went to the Dr today she had taken HERSELF off oxygen last year when we moved here. mostly because she felt she didn't need it but also because she hadn't been to a pulmonologist here and the primary card Dr. said she was good.. well the New doc. today put her back on it. she has to sleep with it (she has been again since about October.) but she also has to use it for 8 hours minimum during the week. haaa.. i knew she needed it...... but i am just the mom. Right.
so now he has ordered a portable concentrator for her to take on her trip. so she will have oxygen. Her dad was worried about it. She was not happy he had made so many changes for her.. i love the good doc's.