I am looking for a little advice today,
I want to sell some cupcakes
For Valentines Day.
I am going to make a flier and have Grumpy take it to work
I have been making his co-workers cupcakes every Friday for almost 6 months.
So I think they might buy some.

This is where you all come in.   ( if anyone is still out there!... )

       What is your favorite flavor cake/cupcake, frosting combo..
Like just what do you like your chocolate cupcake frosted best with..
One of our friends said "you know I like just a yellow cupcake with chocolate frosting, and you can never find that"..
She is right no one makes to many "Plain"
cupcakes. Everyone try's to make it fancy!

Maybe you like a specialty flavor cupcake.. I made some very good pumpkin with cream cheese frosting one week..

So any one out there have any advice for me..

I want to offer 4 flavors to make. I don't just want to take orders a dozen different kinds.

Thanks in advance, and thanks for sticking around.