i never asked for gifts for being someones friend,

i guess i entered a giveaway on LadySams blog A day in the life of LadySam..it was a giveaway for being the follower of the month or some such thing...well i go there cause i just love her blog!

she and i have been friends for years. she started out being what i call an INTERNET friend
but then her family came from Kansas to Utah for vacation and i had the privilege to meet them all.
I also got to babysit her 2 children, at the time, just small. now i think they are 7 and 10, with a baby sister thrown in the mix..
so today i got a gift card for Walmart in the mail with a wonderful thank you card telling me how wonderful i am..

{{like i need to be told... lol!}}

thanks for being such a great friend, and the gift card!
Love you S.