after my post yesterday about my Internet friend LadySam becoming a true real life friend. i got to thinking about what the difference might be.

can Internet friends also be real life friends? you chat with them often, exchange blog comments, you share your highs and lows on a day to day basis, they happen to be living breathing human beings with a screen name...just like you. Internet friends can definitely be real life friends. just because you have yet to meet in person doesn't mean you can't call them a friend.

over 10 years ago i joined a yahoo groups "list" {we call the foyer} that group of ladies is still together on yahoo groups. we all had one thing in common our church. we have been together through thick and thin. through births of children and grandchildren. deaths of children, parents and spouses. that is actually where i first met LadySam. some of have met, others haven't. we are all sisters in our faith and sisters, and friends in our computers. and we would do anything for each other and we have.

i read the other day where one blogger said of another "she is like the sister i never had" what a bond they have forged.

were you, one of the many who met a Internet friend this summer? have a horror or success story you would like to share? leave a comment we would love to hear from you!