such a good self portrait of Em and Kyle

today is my second child Emalee's birthday she is now over 30. she loves to be grown up. all her life she has wanted to be grown up! Emalee has been married to Kyle for 9 years and they have 1 baby named Kenner he is in heaven. please read his story here if you don't know it. Emalee works for the IRS part of the year and the other part, works part time for the local grocery store. Emalee has a huge heart like no one else i know! i love you!

Em, loves taking pictures of herself. here is on she took with Alene my oldest granddaughter her nieces and nephews call her "Auntie Em"
her taking a picture with her brother.. doing obscene things..
her and her dad.. they are very close.
and just her. only person i know who takes such good pictures of herself in mirrors!