Greg and Kelly Marble

my sweet daughter in law Jenny is having a rough time right now. her wonderful parents are moving almost 3000 miles away, from Surprise Arizona to Alaska, Anchorage i think.
she lived in Utah a couple of years but other than that she has always lived with in 1/2 an hour of her mom and dad. her siblings, i am sure will have a difficult time also.

it is hard to know what to say. i think it may be easier to console her once they have gone.
which will be the beginning of next week. this will be their last family weekend to together. they have always been a very close knit family. i know the Marble kids will continue to keep the bonds close but they will dearly miss their parents.

i will tell you.. there isn't anyone i would rather be co~grandparents with to our 3 little rascals! all the little ones will miss them terribly! they have 5 other grandkids..i can't imagine
having to leave 8 beautiful grands but they are doing this for the better of their "family" the 2 of them they need to find suitable work in a place they know they have a chance. and they are just the kind of people to love the Alaskan life! love the adventure.

so Jenn i love you and i hope i can help you through this time in your life.

to the Marbles, Greg, Kelly, have a great time and make your place in life.. love it as much as we all hope you will. remember there are a lot of people here who love you and are praying for you.
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