when Ashley went to school..

my grandbabies started a NEW school today..
the dog needed in the group photo..
funny faces..they are so cute in uniform!!
Ian and his cousin Gavin have finally made it into the same class they are in the 3rd grade
their best buddy Matthew is across the table. i sense trouble..
Alene was so shy when she was tiny we were not so sure how she would be in school.. she had no problem adjusting. this year she is in second grade.
Ashley had to be weaned off naps this summer.. on her school days she goes full days.
she is in kindergarten and goes to school 2 full days.
already got the play dough out..she waists no time!

they attend a new charter school in their area. they go longer days and only have 4 day school weeks. kindergartners go 2 days full days like Mon, Wed. or Tue, Thur.

hope you kids have a supper good day and first week!!