for several months i have hinted LOUDLY i wanted a laptop. the others in this house sit on the couch in the evening enjoying the comfort, using their respective laptops. as i sit across the room on the uncomfortable discarded kitchen chair (hard wood) using the apple which i might add is a wonderful computer, but its downfall, it is not portable. it will not sit on my lap. while i sit on the couch.

our finances being such as they have been. i have known we couldn't afford a laptop for me. but i have persisted, insisting that grumpy use the employee computer purchase program at work. you pay.. they reimburse. they take payments out of your check each month for as long as you want up to 18 months interest free until it is payed for.. great program!
so with his up coming bonus we were thinking about doing just that..
he got on line.. ordered a DELL INSPIRON. i wanted a little 10 ~12 inch one but they have no DVD in them.. do i got a 14 inch so i could watch movies on it also.

i was so excited for it to finally be delivered 12 days after it was purple computer!
now i have my own laptop! and the price was so low there was no need to submit it to the employee purchase program.. YE HAW!

that was last Friday.. Saturday morning, grumpy got up to go hit a bucket of balls at the driving range.

he was gone longer than usual for a bucket of balls..

he came home with new golf clubs.. we had talked about new golf clubs. i knew he was going to get some...soon.
he didn't say "i am going to go hit a bucket of balls to try out golf clubs to see which i want to buy" ...

so now i have a new laptop..and he has new golf clubs also .. Saturday afternoon he golfed the best round of golf EVER! all because of his new golf clubs.. he says.

i think?

{i am not sure why he wanted me to take the close up picture..but i did and added it at his request}