i know many families who are in some way dealing with their children and disease.

last night i was reading in depth about a disease A-T, Jessica from "all tied up" her 8 year old son Liam has. i was devastated. you NEVER want to see little children so sick like that.

then i thought about how lucky we were my living grandchildren were all well and healthy.
Living you say?
{remember Kenner passed away last November Here is his story if you don't know it

my extended family has suffered many illnesses in the past. nothing major mostly.

until 2 years ago my sister lost her second oldest son to cancer.

i went to sleep with all this on my mind.. i woke up at 3 with a start..

remembering.. we have lived every day the better part of 10 years with our oldest child

suffering with a life threating disease, what made me not think of this before.. because we don't dwell

on it we try to live a normal.. {normal as we can}..life.. that's what most people do who live with

a sick child no matter if they are 8 or 22 or 32 ..live as normal as possible.

Sarah has scleroderma it hasn't been fun the past few years for her she has

pretty much just gotten worse as time goes on. 2 years ago this fall she had to put on

oxygen. she did get to reduce the amount of oxygen she is on when we moved here to arizona.

which to her is a great blessing!

the whole reason behind this post.. i guess is sometimes you just forget.. because it is your normal..
until something makes you remember it isn't normal after all...

whats normal to you?