Much planning went into Our family reunion. Grandma set the date and time, invited the guests, planed the menu and prepared the activities. Starting 2 years in advance. So we all had enough time to plan to have our families there.

I think reunions, whether held once a year or every 5 years, are important. One, they bring family members together.
they also offer opportunities for family to connect with one another.
They provide each family member with the opportunity to share memories and values with one another that will last a lifetime.

It is a challenge to build close, family ties when you only see each other ever few years. However, embracing the importance of a family reunion makes the event into a celebration to look forward to, as we as family come to see the benefits of getting together.

Each family has its own way of doing things. Testing that special baked bean or potato salad recipe has become a family tradition for us, and creates memories specific to our own family.

Some families even prepare the same menu, with exactly the same recipes, year after year as a tradition for any given family gathering.
In our culture, it is not uncommon for celebrations to center around food, and family reunions are no different.

Besides the obvious fun shared by everyone during these times, there are also A LOT of opportunities for laughter and family bonding.
The first day we even wore name tags to help identify one another. That Helped those who were new to the family or had not seen everyone for years identify who was who..
Each family group also wore a specific colored t-shirt to further identify who belonged with who.

According to FamilyReunion.com, there are many ideas that can make a family reunion special for everyone, regardless of age. One such idea is to encourage story-telling to help members get to know one another. This is especially enjoyable for children who may hear stories they have never heard before about family members.

Family reunions are an important part of family life. They can help preserve memories, favorite recipes, stories, and, most importantly, relationships that will last for many generations. Given a chance, family reunions can provide family members with important values, strong and lasting bonds, and a deep sense of belonging that they can pass on to each child, and to grandchildren.

Thanks for joining me for a look back at our reunion

grandma and all the grandchildren in attendance

My girls Sarah and Emalee
Yeah we know these 3 don't we!!