My mothers condition is a little better. Thanks so much for the            continued prayers.

TWENTY do's and don'ts of ME

I do love to go for a long drive
I don't like to drive

I don't like Pizza.
I do like Mexican food.

I do love the hot weather.
I don't like Winter.

I do like to Sew.
I don't scrapbook.

I don't have a green thumb.
I do love my house plants.

I don't like Ice Cream.
I do love Cheesecake.

I do like to watch a good movie.
I don't stay awake during movies.

I do love to Cook.
I don't like to clean up.

I do love Pepsi
I don't drink soda anymore.

I don't like to fold Laundry
I do like to Iron.

I don't like to talk on the phone.
I do like to text.

I don't like bar soap.
I do like flushable wipes.

I don't like My space.
I do like Yahoo Groups.

I do like to entertain.
I don't like to go to Party's.

I do love My grandkids.
I don't like grouchy people.

I don't like to dust.
I do like to keep the windows open.

I don't like hot flashes.
I do like the absence of  auntie F.

I don't like cold air blowing on me.
I do like central air.

I don't like Renting
I do like the House we live in.

I don't Like that Sarah is sick
I do love having her around a lot.

thats the TWENTY do's and don'ts of ME


I don't like thinking of what to blog about.
I do love to read blogs.