I have had a very difficult week, I really am not sure why.

oh.. I know why, Who am I trying to fool?

I am at an age where I am supposedly full of wisdom

but why am I feeling the opposite,

One of my "friends" said to me now your over 50 can you get a senior discount??.


That pretty much made me LOSE it I think.

Although AARP has been sending me information

for 1 year now wanting me to sign up for their Magazine.

I laughed it off. But with the comment, "Senior"...

Then My mind begins going places I never should let it go.

I began wondering if maybe my husband was having a wandering "eye".

Did he think my new found AGE was not becoming to me.

I am sure my husband would be much happier with a 30 year old.

Who has no self worth/esteem issues. Who doesn't care that 1 one year has

been tacked on to her life.

I have been Looking for every opportunity to berate and belittle myself.

Just because I think this is OLD.. because i think someone else TOLD me I am old.

Fifty didn't sound so bad.. I really didn't have such a hard time there.

But this year wow.. someone lock me up for a few more days.. because I

don't feel this Roller Coaster Rider over.

How can I be the person I want to be, when I feel old and unattractive?

Where in the book of life does it say aging and getting old are the same thing..

I never felt OLD until this year. I guess that might be the beginning of the problem.

I feel as though I have aged 5 years in the past 1. The cause of that I think is mostly health

related issues.There are a lot of things I have trouble doing these days, and I don't have the

energy or stamina that I once did.

so.. on ward and upward (right?) .. I won't ever get younger.

So I may as well embrace this age that has followed me here.

Welcome to your 50's and have a wonderful ride.

didn't someone say 50's were the new 40's?