Well with the new season it is time for a new look, 


New look time for me.. I am tired of the old stuff.. out it all goes... 

Guess what time of year it is..besides, My birthday is next week.  For my birthday 

I am looking for a make up make over! .. I have been keeping my eye on 
Randi at BEAUTY BE GOOD    She is always letting us in on the newest fun things 

in makeup.  She owns her own Cosmetic Studio and she is always showing cool stuff.

I am not too sure about this  Mechanical Glitter Eyeliner, I do know I will be picking up a couple 

So anyway you all know what I will be up to next week!... SEPHORA  is having a little spring sale also. 

I did pick up some spring polish at Ulta a couple of weeks ago and got some Piggys Polish. On sale buy 2 get 1 free. 
I did paint the the green on St Patty's day.
 My Niece Erin Insisted I buy the green. 
I have been loving the oranges lately! So right now my piggy's and finger nail's are orange.. I was thinking of re-doing pink for the weekend.. we'll see.. 

Also a little update on the Job,  
As of 11:59 April 1, 2010 
The New Job Offer was Withdrawn, 

April fools..