In a strange way I am very attached to my blog, equally attached to the blogs I read.

I feel I have tried to insert myself in to a Clique where I don't belong.
Because that's where I am..
Where I don't belong.
When I put a counter on my blog I did so excited to see how many people were coming to see me.  How many "hits" i got, where they came from.

I naively thought, (in the beginning) I could judge by comments,  but some days I might not get a comment, I  still thought there were people reading it!

Well I have found out how UNTRUE that is.. some days there are as few as 6 views.. and most of them are from my family members.

I have found it really hard to blog the last couple of months.

I have no idea what blogging really is supposed to be,

What it is supposed to mean.
I wanted people to read and love my blog like I do theirs.

In the past 3 weeks I have not even been reading many blogs of others, even the ones I love to read daily.

So I have a big decision to make

to blog or not to blog.

blog post script:
If you came to read my blog because of the blog title more power to you
but please don't feel like you have to comment,   it's just uncomfortable for me.