I thought maybe I should do a random post, so I am.
            and it IS Saturday.. there is no rule.

My hair in this picture was to redish to wear the orange, I am natural now. {This is a old picture}. Ugly dark blondish
I hate my color.

My tooth paste seems to be getting harder to squeeze out. I thought it was drying out. How could it? it is used too often more than 4 times a day. Besides it has the lid attached. and it always gets closed. Maybe the arthritis is getting worse in my hand.. It hurts all the time. But it has for a long time.
nothing new

  • I am really dense because I just figured how to use bullets.. not like I am going to, but now I can if I want.

I really want to sew more {again}, I moved my sewing machine to a spot where I will use it more. So I am going to use it more.. we will see!!..{WINK}

OK everyone the news we have all been waiting for our Utah house has finally been rented.
I wish we had a nice little family in there.. but no there are 3 young men 2 University students, 1 older mid 20s who is out of school (we are just a few miles north of Weber State University).
So starting in October (for Novembers payment)
we will start getting a payment for that.
can we all say YEAH!!

Well I am sure I am missing something.. OH, no there is more..

I am craving for sugar today, not chocolate no not a cookie but real sugar cotton candy will do!

I got this picture off Google images it had no credit but was titled "Death by Cotton Candy"
I thought may be appropriate if I got started!..                           {Chris not one of his best days}

    I am jealous,

                  I am not in Bullhead City AZ. having fun with my brother and sister, and brother in law.
 They are having fun without me. My sister lives in Las Vegas only 1 1/2 hours away from Bullhead. She can go in a day very easy. We have to plan a weekend. Ater having just gone last weekend we can't go again. Sad because we all have so much fun together so I am jealous I am not there.

{Barbara and Ira}

I think they are talking about me.

Really they are finishing up moving my brother Chris. I hope they are working very hard..
                              REALLY HARD.