I have never been easy on myself. I think I am my biggest critic. Well I know one other who is super critical of me but that person will remain unnamed in this post.       { i shouldn't wear orange! }
{it isn't grumpy}.

5 years ago grumpy and I made a big change he took a job in Everett Washington.

We knew it wouldn't be permanent we just didn't know how long we would be there.

Just before we left I was put on a new medication for my Migraines a daily preventive medication.

That coupled with an antidepressant I was already taking became a appetite depressant.

Well at the time I was about 238 pounds. At my heaviest a few months before I was 246.
A few months before, I had started the weight watchers program.
Counting points on my own but not attending classes,
At the time we couldn't afford it but i knew i need it. 
In Washington because of the pills effect I knew it was a good time to
start eating healthy. Grumpy and I both ran with it!
I lost over 50 lbs the 9 months while in Washington.
We went home to Utah and I continued to loose.
 I joined CURVES with a friend and I ended up loosing 50 more lbs
{this is a really bad picture it was taken with a really old cell phone!}
In total I lost 108 lbs. I was thrilled in just over a year and a half I had lost 108 lbs.
I went from a size 22~24 to a size 8~10 I was so happy

I never thought any medical issues would interfere in any way.

I always had horrid monthly"womanly" issues so my dr. inserted an IUD to TAME  those issues. Well right off I gained 15 lbs. The Dr said.. oh normal for some people, sorry.

During that appointment she discovered growths on my thyroid. So for the past 3 years I have been
dealing with thyroid issues. Thyroid pills then no pills,  weight gain weight loss, then 15 pounds stayed.

I have had back problems for years that has caused me to be pretty sedentary not much exercise..
because of the tremendous pain.

Add 15 more pounds..

Well lets do our math that is
what do we have??
45 lbs. right

So now the weather is getting cooler here in Arizona I need to
work out a wallking plan outside, that will not put too much stress on my back.

I wonder if it might be best to start at the Dr. to get some advice.

     any ideas working into exercise slowly?