Grumpy went to school tonight. He came home from work early because he had a tummy ache.. oh i felt sorry for him. (No there was no sarcasm)

So we didn't do anything tonight the grands came over and they didn't do much either
they didn't even have 1 argument...not one.

Ashley and Sis shared my computer.

Sarah just played on her computer while watching Wednesday night t.v.

I have a foot thing going on..I have this new cute foot wear..don't you love it. Looks it will be my new friend for 2 weeks. Or until I get sick of it! That might be tomorrow. I really wanted hot pink.. but oh no, only blue.

Jeremy really vegged tonight he slept through Models of the runway, well I would to Jer, but he indulged his big sis. Let her have the t.v. all night.

Ian watched Gremlins on the Big Mac, can ya blame him! He did not want to watch Project Runway. He is 9 he doesn't think the models are cute yet.

Oh and today.. Cupcake Thursday. Pumpkin Chocolate chip.
Cream cheese frosting. They have little star tip mounds that look a little like a pumpkin then the green stem in the center they photographed bad..but taste great!!
I was going to add Jenny had a church meeting they just didn't skip out on her, I think that's why they came over.

Well thanks for visiting now its bed time now, good night.!