I have been letting some things bother me, I guess I need to let it all out.
And then I won't watch the morning news again.. good thing I don't pay too much attention to national news.

Who would run over their own child with their SUV? A father in Peoria Az. I guess.
He didn't like how westernized she had become. HELLO! You are the one that brought her here from Iraq. how do you like that American jail?? OH I forgot they haven't found him yet..

How about The police using a Taser on a 19 year old and watching him die.. Whats that about? For the first time, Scottsdale-based Taser International is warning law-enforcement agencies about the use of the stun gun, saying shots aimed at the chest COULD spark an "adverse cardiac event." I guess their tired of people dying?

A light rail train hit a car with two elderly people inside at 34th and Washington streets  He was making a turn , causing the car to spin around once.
He didn't clear the track while waiting to turn..come on he was 95 years he couldn't see the track.. 95 yeas old for heavens sake.. only in Arizona!!

A judge refused to let a young mother leave the state with her 2 year old baby. She was afraid for her life. She told him just that. She wanted a Order of protection against her X boyfriend father of the boy. The judge gave the father visitation. 2 weeks later the mother and her mother and the boyfriend  were dead. he didn't kill his son.

OK I have only 1 more that really bugs me today..

PEOPLE why can't you see a mother pushing that stroller.. 2 times in the past month cars exiting school parking lots have hit strollers with mothers pushing them. The first incident the baby died.. With better results the second time,  minor injury's just lucky for the driver I guess.

Did I say I am going to Watch Barney in the morning?
I think I am!