on yahoo news i found this little article about white after labor day it started with a message board a girl from the UK asking this question

"Americans! what does it mean when you say don't
wear white after labor day? please explain?"

i will include a few answers because there were hundreds to read! and many funny ones i might add!

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Back in the 40's and 50's it was a fashion flaw to wear white after labor day (a holiday in september which is meant to celebrate all the hard working laborers) However we have come a long way and it's no longer a fashion rule to not wear white after labor day. It was only said because you should wear darker warmer colours in winter.
American in the UK

Unfortunately, the practice is alive and well esp. in parts of the US, mostly the "older" generations. This from someone in New England!
You can wear white though most people usually wear white tops than bottoms.
There's nothing wrong with white t-shirts but not usually white pants.

The fashion rule has not changed. Just because some choose not to follow it does not mean it is gone. It just means that their fashion sense does not follow what is accepted as normal in polite society.

It's a silly "fashion statement" that some people still follow, but it's soooo outdated! I don't know anyone who doesn't wear white after Labor Day anymore, including me! I wear it all year long! (I'd even wear my white flipflops in the winter if I could - I love them!

Irregardless, the whole concept makes no logical sense even for a fashion don't. It's just another reason for the fashion industry to complicate and insult people's personal style.

Its just another dumb myth for another stupid holiday! When will you people wake up and see the light of day??? Well,... I suppose NEVER! So go on and celebrate your stupid holidays,.... dumbass sheep!!!
Well these are a few of the answers they gave this girl and boy are some of them the doziest.. i am not so sure i would stay in America after this if i were her ..lol!

what would your answer be?