my "family" has taken to sitting in the bedroom talking on the web cam to a friend Northern Ireland. until all hours of the morning there..3 am what is up with that don't some people sleep there?

i rained here all morning. the thunder woke some of us up. {the dog and
Tammy} now nothing. it is supposed to rain all afternoon also.. so far dry but it hasn't gone above 85* cool day!!

grumpy reheated leftover fish in the microwave, now the whole house smells like fish.
he wondered where the smell was coming from. i asked if he saw what he put in there.
he told me it was a container with food in it. good thing i keep the fridge reasonably cleaned out.
he could have been reheating moldy

so i am boiling lemons to rid the house of the smell. i keep wondering what is cooking. sure smells good what ever it is!

last week i made pink champagne cupcakes with pink frosting grumpy took them to work.
the guys loved them! this week spice cupcakes.. loved, not so much. this is what they said..
really.. they were dry! i make them cupcakes and they tell me they were dry!
get a life.. really. next week i will make something moist! you'll see.

i bought 2 must have cupcake cookbooks according to a cupcake web site i saw
Martha Stewart's Cupcakes also
"Hello Cupcake! Irresistibly playful creations anyone can make"
then i can have more fun with cupcakes.

my grandkids are in Disneyland having the time of their lives.. Ian's face proves it right??

i am on day 3 of a bad migraine.. now i haven't had a migraine like this in ... well not sure how long... i am just taking it like a MOM! because you know how it is when your a mom you have to take being sick different than everyone else especially DAD! even though i am a gramee i will still take it like a mom!

hope everyone has a great long weekend!