My Son who I will call Jeremy {because that is his name} texted me yesterday.

" Cupcake Thursday"  can we come over? 
 Well of course they could come over.. I never miss a chance for the family to gather.. 
especially in the name of cupcakes. LOL!

Lately I have been making cupcakes on Thursdays.  I send a dozen or so   with Grumpy to work on Friday, a nice treat for the "guys" {gals too!}

My son and grand-kids now call Thursday "cupcake Thursday". Yesterday I made
Chocolate Cupcakes filled with Jello Cheese Cake Pudding.. then topped them with Ganache.. they looked wonderful. I didn't taste them.    YET..

What is nice the kids new Charter School they attend there is no school on friday.  So.. they can come on Thursday and watch a little t.v. usually cartoons. { they have no cable or dish so no reception now it is digital.} They like to come over and watch when they get a chance. Their parents don't have to worry about getting home before bedtime.

Since I had this $3.00 cupcake in San Diego, I have had fun making  different cupcakes every week..

I decided to buy a couple of cupcake books I went to Amazon and ordered 2 wonderful cupcake books. They have hundreds of Ideas between the 2 of them. I got "Hello Cupcake" New Used for 5 dollars. It did  not even look like it had ever been opened. Martha's cupcake book was only $13.00 {new}so with shipping I got both for less than Martha's would have been if I had gone to the book store. Great deals  AMAZON!!

So now you know all about my Cupcake Antics.
{Antics: 1 : an attention-drawing often wildly playful or funny act or action : caper antics>}

When I post a random Cupcake now and again you will all know why.

If any of you have a cupcake idea you just love let me know!.