i have been a winner a of a couple of more blog giveaways!
so exciting for me, because not only did i win cool stuff.. each of the ladies
sent an extra treat for me!
at Joy For Your Journey
i won this Joy plaque i am the queen of Joy i collect all things joy including, a niece and a granddaughter who enjoy my middle name Joy as their own middle names.
she also sent this coolest cookie cutter i ever saw! she picked it up on her recent trip to Europe!

Cherie over at Bakow Babble
had a giveaway and i won these great thank you cards.. but the cool part.

she sent these hand made blank ones also! i was so excited! i love cards! i am going to use one tomorrow!

so when ever you see any giveaways and i have entered watch out! i might be out to get you!!
thanks so much ladies!!