straight from JAM
my first granddaughter

Alene Nicole. came into this world 9 weeks early. her momma had high blood pressure and it made for a hostile environment for sissy to continue living so she had to come into this crazy world to have any chance to live.

she weighed 3 lbs and had to be airlifted {by helicopter} from the hospital where she was born to another hospital here in Phoenix, the hospital where she was born didn't have the facilities to care for a preemie her gestation, momma having had a c-section was sad to stay behind.
sis grew and grew untill she was big enough to leave the hospital 3 weeks later weighting 4 lbs
she has given us lots of memories and will continue through the years!
kindergarten school picture..1 year ago 
she will be 7 in may

gramee loves you sis!