My Phototoday as we morn the loss of your dear baby, on what is 
the weekend he was due to be born, also today he would have been 4 months old, if he had lived, for more than the few hours you had held him in your arms. 

i know it is hard for you to find happiness for the friends and family who are having babies all around you. that you are still so angry at what you have lost. your baby boy that you longed 8 long years for.  after time, the feelings of loss will lessen but they will never go too far away. 
just take one day at a time until the days get easier. no one expects your pain to magically disappear. you and kyle need to seek solace in each other,  and in our father in heaven through prayer. know this. i wish i was with you now. i know it is so hard for you to go through this

em, i love you and kyle so much.