i went to one of my girls blog and found a link to the other girls blog..
and what did i find but a sister tribute..at least i think that is what this is.
so i hijacked it to my blog..

A Hijacked Blog...
I'm sitting here laughing cause I've just hijacked my sister's blog

That's right. This isn't Emalee. *grins*

My name is Sarah. I'm over at Ramblings of the Obsessive Compulsive. I'm Emalee's older sister, and only sister, but then again we count our in-laws as one of our own here and then that would make me one of 4 (i think).

Oh don't worry now. Em knows what i'm doing. She asked me to put her Twitter account on her blog for her (seeing as for some reason I'm the one that runs that for her *shrugs*). She also said i could make it worth my while and make a blog post. Well maybe she didn't use those exact words, but she said I could. She also told me if I was good enough that we might be able to do this again. Now as we are talking (okay so we weren't actually "talking" on the phone. We were texting back and forth while she was at work and I was waiting for my doctors appointment.) I was thinking. Me... make it good enough. Of course I'm going to make it good enough. Everything I do is go0d. hm.... or maybe not.

Now I wasn't sure what I was going to write. Especially since I have a hard enough time writing in my own blog some days. But I decided to tell you a little bit about us.
Emalee and I were the best of friends when we were little. She was cute and little and even when I cut her long pretty hair and mom was upset about it cause it wouldn't be pretty anymore she said it was all right cause I had pretty hair and I short haircut.

As we got older we weren't such good friends anymore. We shared a room and she was the messy one and I was the neat one. I was overweight, shy, loved my books, was really sensitive about being teases, and had a hard time making friends. Emalee was skinny, pretty, loved phones, boys, and makeup, was usually the one teasing me, and had an easy time making friends. But then again I always used to say that all dumb blonde jokes were written about my sister. so i guess I could dish out a little bit, at least when she wasn't around.

It wasn't until we were older and didn't live in the same house anymore that we even started to become friends again. It took a while, and we still have a hard time at being friends some days, but now that we are in different states i think that I we're doing a pretty good job at it.

My sister is very special to me. She's always had such a big heart. We've both had some hard times over the years, but one thing I will always know. My sister will always be there for me.

Love you Methyl Ethyl. I hope this is "good enough" for you!