i missed a day. where did it go you ask..

well let me tell you, these are some of the things i have been doing.

MRI, it is unnatural for a person to lay flat on their back for up to 40 minutes not moving.
she said: your job is to lay as still as possible.. i say: wouldn't you know my face itched the whole time and my lips were so dry. and by the time i was done i had to go "potty" so... bad. besides the fact my back hurts. (the reason for the MRI) it is hard to lay on my back to start with. 

second i had a number of x rays of "said" back.. boy these guys are not gentle. "move this way put your leg here, your arm up there and bend that way".. MY BACK HURTS I DON'T BEND THAT WAY!!

then there was the blood test. the lab was over crowded no chairs to sit my luck most were walk ins. i had made an appointment i still waited 10 min. but i was in and out. the other 40 people there were still waiting and complaining i went in before them. good reason to make an appointment. we are establishing ourselves with new dr's here in arizona and this new dr. seems to want to "know" all this stuff the other in utah already knows. so i just go and do what he says. .  

i have some exciting news to tell you all. i will be back to blog again later. also i have some sad news to share