well i got to thinking..this might not be exciting news to anyone else..only me
but if gramees happy everyone is happy! right? that's what grumpy says.

 the Utah house dilemma, the contract with 1st realtor guy was up last week.
he never called never said "sup" you want me to still sell your house.."what?" i thought that to be a little weird.. 

but had already decided we were going to go with another realtor.
one that the company that coordinates our relocating deals with.

she seems like a go getter.. 
so we are not going to rent the house. (if we can help it for now)
i didn't want to rent it. i wanted to continue to try to sell it.

i don't want strangers who might not love it as much as i do living there
not taking care of it..

so i hope now with this new Realtor we will get some new blood in there
looking and we might sell it soon..
if you would like to see it  on the  Coldwell Banker site click