todays favorite things are things that make me feel better when i am feeling down. and i didn't have a problem with that because i have a few constants there!

of course my 3 daughters can make anything better! just a call or a text and any of the 3 have me laughing in a few short minutes. 

a cuddle with any of the 3 grand babies here..wouldn't that make you feel better??
this picture is about 2 1/2 years old.. 

the book i am reading now is a fun, put on the ear phones and listen to to take your mind off the world, kind of book. thanks Susan Elizabeth Philips.

boy a hug from grumpy when he comes home from work..that all enveloping hug.. that means i love you and miss you and everything is ok hug..thats what i mean!

and then there is my friend shay.. she is my computer friend. i have never met her. i have talked to her on the we have exchanged packages in the mail. she has the best  "blog" i love to go there and read what she has to say. she has a journal blog. shay loves deeply if your her friend your her friend for life.

i hope next weeks favorites will be as easy as this weeks.