Bank of America Logothis morning grumpy got a call pretty early, well really early for a call like this, bank of america saying they think there is some kind of crazy activity going on on your credit card. they name off some names of places he had never heard of. he knew i had just ordered a book..ok he said amazon could be my wife, (it was) he called me. asked if i knew any of these charges. yeah the amazon ones.
i had no idea! 300$ to some shoe company. i wish. but we are keeping up two house payments, here and in utah. i have no business charging 300+ to some shoe company. lol no i didn't know any of the other charges either. so when he comes home we get to go through the credit card and dispute all the charges that don't belong to us. 

its nice the bank of america knows our buying habits enough to know we don't charge 300$ on shoes. and shop on QVC.   then call grumpy and tell him something is wrong.