it has been 7 days less than 2 months since my car has been in residence in arizona. and it only has 1 radio station preset. i did that today. i found an excellent country station now i really would love to find 9 other fm stations and at least 5 am stations. nothing would make me happier right now than not having to change the dial each time i get in the car searching for a decent song.. or for that matter am talk station that isn't just news. i love TALK! glenn beck, dr. laura, clark howard.. give me some talk.  ok off to google ...
ok now i found all these..i just need to decide which to put on my radio.

Phoenix KZON 101.5 FM Alternative
Phoenix KXXT 1010 AM Christian Talk
Phoenix KNIX 102.5 FM Country
Phoenix KEDJ 106.3 FM Alternative
Phoenix KMLE 107.9 FM Country
Phoenix KFNX 1100 AM News/Talk
Phoenix KXEG 1280 AM Religious
Phoenix KFNN 1510 AM Business News/Talk
Phoenix KGME 550 AM Sports
Phoenix KTAR 620 AM News Radio
Phoenix KIDR 740 AM Radio Unica
Phoenix KPHF 88.3 FM Religious
Phoenix KBAQ 89.5 FM Classical
Phoenix KFLR 90.3 FM Religious
Phoenix KJZZ 91.5 FM Jazz
Phoenix KFYI 910 AM News Talk
Phoenix KKFR 92.3 FM Urban
Phoenix KNRJ 92.7 FM Dance
Phoenix KDKB 93.3 FM Rock
Phoenix KOOL 94.5 FM Oldies
Phoenix KVIB 95.1 FM Spanish
Phoenix KYOT 95.5 FM Jazz
Phoenix KMXP 96.9 FM Variety
Phoenix KKNT 960 AM News/Talk
Phoenix KRZS 97.5 FM Rhythmic
Phoenix KUPD 97.9 FM Album Rock
Phoenix KPKX 98.7 FM Classic Hits
Phoenix KESZ 99.9 FM Adult Contemp