the best thing about winter no matter where i live...

FRESH ORANGES!!!! the thing that makes me more happy than almost any thing in the winter.. except christmas..and a snuggle in ...... well i won't go into that. lol!! 

but i went to this store here called *fresh and easy*
when we were in las vegas last spring ira and barbara described them as the 7-11  of natural food stores.. well i would concur pretty much. small store with a lot of good stuff. most natural or organic not to expensive.. some really good sales. one example yoplait yogurt 10 for 4.50$ or .45 cents each.(this is what their ad said) walmart is not that (cheep) i hate that word.  all in all i was pleased with it.     

sidetracked....  back to oranges.

they had beautiful fresh oranges 5 lbs for 3 bucks.. not super cheep but for this *fresh and easy* store i figured it was a good price.. and they are fresh!! and they are good !!! 

                                     i love ornges...