“Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week”
 ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow~

it is sunday morning, why do sundays have a different feeling than other days?
grumpy is gone. but not to work, hiking. the morning is just quiet and peaceful. 
it will be warm again today in the low 70's i think.  yesterday was beautiful 
just a bit nippy with the breeze. 

yesterday we went to a mexican market in glendale (maybe glendale..)
they make fresh tortillas we bought white corn and flour i like white corn better than yellow
more mellow flavor.. the corn were still warm when we got them home that is how fresh they were.

yesterday afternoon the kids came over just to hang out. we talked laughed ate.  grumpy played 
games with the grand kids.. so did sarah. sis always wants sarah to play uno... because she wins. she is 6. sarah is..hum.. in her 30's ...lol she can't win. i think it is so funny sis is so competitive. so is sarah. they played gameboy but lillee the dog...did not want the kids and sarah all in such close proximity..she tried to intervene

i cooked. mexican i love to cook..mexican. i love to eat mexican.. 
i love to feed people.. i love it when they love the food..
i got this sweet pork recipe from  emalees friend 
i love it i make it all the time since i found it!
(mindys birthday present CUTE!)

movie for the kids in the guest room after dinner.. 

adult movie in the living room..too much blood for me. besides my hearing aide was giving me 
trouble so i split to read in the bedroom. and did sit at the computer for just a few minutes of the movie time. lol.

they stayed till the movie was over then headed home they like to get the kids to bed early on saturday so they are not so grouchy at church!...good call!
                                                                   cute picture..