the view from the front porch of my home in utah

real life

middle of july
we head to phoneix grumpy was asked to apply for a different job within the company he worked for. we stayed with jeremy and jenny. we were excited to go we had not seen the kids new house in buckeye. we didn't tell them we he was coming for a job interview. we stayed with them while visiting. sissy said she would pray she knew he would get the job she prayed. 

by the end of july we knew he had the job.
the day we told our UTAH daughter we were moving she told us she was expecting her first child after 8 years of infertility. (wow what a blow..and now we are leaving you and kyle and a new grandbabie..)

first weeks of august we frantically fixed up the house to get it ready to put it on the market
we interviewed real estate agents. found one we like

middle of aug. it was ready to list for sale. 

grumpy had to be to work in phoenix (glendale) by sept 2 ND. 
he would stay with jeremy and jenn in buckeye.

sarah and i stayed "till the house sold" yeah right...
 i visited buckeye a couple of times, grumpy and i are pretty much inseparable..
we like being together. (living together)
i spent pretty much the whole month of october in phoenix.. 

in october the decision was made to discontinue living in 2 states. so while i was there we found a for a home to rent. our house is about 25 min. from the grand kids and about the same from grumpys job. (because our home in utah was still for sale that tied up our down payment to purchase a new home in arizona.)

so the moving company would come to our home pack every thing up on nov. 5Th and 6Th and have it all put on the truck on the 7Th. and be at our door in AZ. on the 10Th. and i tell you that is what happened

nov. 13 our daughter went into pre term labor our grandson kenner jackson rausch was born and passed away the same day.  3 days after our move to arizona.

the holidays have come and gone and now the new year is past and our home has been for sale 
almost 6 months. and i am worried because grumpy is worried. 

we are nearing the time he is afraid we will lose our (monetary) moving benefits from the company grumpy works for. so we need to sell it or rent it. and then buy something here. do we build, buy pre owned.. we still have a lease here.. but need to be in a contract to purchase by aug.. 

we wish it were a fantasy..