well i do have to blog today if i am going to make my blog every day of the month NaBloPoMo, (national blog posting month). and i usually do so good! but today i was so busy. mondays are my cleaning day. i did bathrooms on saturday. so i didn't have to do those today. but i had the customary pile of laundry to fold. and today was the day to iron grumpys work pants. i set up my sewing in the guest room rather than have it all in the kitchen. besides cleaning the guest room from when the grand kids were here on saturday. my room needed some attention. dusting and vacuuming. with my pretty yellow vacuum. i cleaned out the linen closet and under the bathroom sinks to rearrange where all the towels will go.. i didn't seem to get to any floors that need to be mopped. i will do that tomorrow. i made grumpy one of his favorite meals for dinner red beans and rice with polish sausage. also steamed mixed vegetable. i have bored everyone really nicely today but i got my blogging in. thanks for reading if you stuck with me.