hot tip tuesday is one i just used...hum..last week..

i was making some noodles.. just boiling away in the pan...and suddenly the house filled with an arsed smoke..
it was horrid! i had just burnt them into the pan. i mean "INTO" the pan. so i cleaned the pan out and used my first "go to" burnt pan trick!
cover the burned area with baking soda and water. (i use about 1/2 cup baking soda to every cup of water.) boil it, let it sit till the water is cold then scour it. be careful, however, baking soda and other alkaline substances will etch the surface of an aluminum pan if they are left on for more than an hour. i will repeat that again if it looks like it has done any kind of good. if not i bring out the BIG GUNS!  fabric softener i usually use sheets. i fill the pan to cover the offending burnt on area. then add a fabric softener sheet (or 1/2 cup fabric softener if you use liquid) then boil. after it has boiled turn off and let it sit over night. you will have to use a little elbow grease if it is as black as my pan was. i wish i had taken a picture. boy it was!! but i did get it clean! 

so good luck if you need to clean a burnt on pan in the near future!

next week maybe i'll tell you the new tip i found on how to get the thick smelly smoke out of the house!!