today's Thursdays favorites are places i love

Barnes & Noble booksellers there is nothing better than having a nice lunch and then going to the bookstore and spending the afternoon looking at books.. exactly what Sarah and i did yesterday. boy but we had fun. we found 4 tables of books for 2 bucks! books for 2 bucks? great! we had fun spent too much money and had a nice afternoon.. i love a good book and Barnes & Noble.

i have always loved trader joes i love lots of the "stuff"  there. what i really love is being able to get in the car and drive 15 minutes to get there! Utah there are no trader joe stores. because they sell wine. one of their biggest selling items.. and they won't open a store in Utah because in in Utah they wouldn't be able to sell wine in their stores. you see wine is only sold in state owned liquor stores in Utah.
Sarah took me to lunch yesterday while we were out running HER errands.. we went to macaroni grill i had only been once let me say i loved the lunch i had.. i love the place.

Mexico.. i love Mexico.. this is actually Cozumel.. the resort we were at and a picture of the beach..  i love Mexico. has been over 3 years now since we went to Europe. i loved all our trip and would do it all again given a chance. but France..and Paris mostly took my heart. i love Paris.