thomas and chelsea and their very cute kids heather and matthew, matthew is 2 today

there is a very good story to how i am acquainted with this family.. and now you will hear

thomas' mother and i are first cousins for many years when thomas and his siblings were very young.  we spent many hours together. because his mother and i were so close. close as sisters would be, her children all 7 of them began calling grumpy and i aunt and uncle. out of love and respect. it stuck. now  20 some years later they all still call us aunt and uncle. 
most people don't understand the connection they don't try. they don't need to. because it is a connection of love,  not,  "you are my first cousin once removed and your children are my second cousins"      no i am just auntie.. 
i love being auntie to more babies.. 
one of my favorite  little MEN in the world is 2 today.. and wow what a year for him.. 
he spent the whole last year without his dad..yep his dad was deployed just after the first of the year last year.
yes he as able to see him a couple of times. for short visits he mostly spent his whole second year of life with just his mom and sister. 
his mom chelsea  is a great lady! she has been an army wife her whole marriage.. they spent the majority of time in germany.. lucky! when we went to europe we got to visit them. we had so much fun. now matthew is 2 it will soon be time for thomas to be home from where ever uncle sam has sent him this time.(he has been out before).
 chelsea is crazy.. and has every right to be!! and grateful it is almost time to be reunited with the love of her life, and the children their father. 

chelsea knows how much she is loved buy this auntie first cousin..what i sit here thinking how much i truly miss her and her babies.. i miss heather saying "that's crazy" in just her special way ..and asking 100 questions.. i love and miss you guys.. and happy birthday to little matthew ...