i bet no one knew this but we are total parrot heads..some people don't even know what that is..well let me tell you! we love Jimmy Buffett! yep we do, loved him then, love him now!

tonight we went to say hello..or goodbye which ever way you look at it to some dear friends. they are leaving Utah also. they were in Arizona to see Kim's parents, and to attend an Arizona Cardinals game with Kim's brother. they had a blast at the game and had a good time with her family!

then we got together tonight with them all, along with Dans brother Dave..who we met last year when we went to Cozumel.
well we went to Margaritaville of Glendale Arizona.. now let me tell you it is no different than margaritaville of Las Vegas or Cozumel or Key West it is just in Glendale Arizona! well we had a great meal and a great time!!

and we will miss our friends as they head to Florida to Dans new job.

miss you lady's man!